Wave goodbye to hand sorting your flats and parcels...

Automation in flats/light parcels has finally gotten easier thanks to NPI’s Matrix. The Matrix has the ability to sort your flats and light parcels to different bin destinations such as tubs, sacks and gondolas. With its ergonomic styling, the Matrix is perfect for any processing environment...

Features & Benefits

  • Throughput up to 6,000 parcels and flats per hour
  • Small footprint
  • OCR & BCR capable
  • Weigh On The Fly available
  • Label application module available
  • Incoming and Outgoing mail processing
  • Multiple output options: Tubs, sacks, gondolas and gaylords
  • Sorts plastic, poly wrap, boxes, flats and most non-machinable pieces
  • Integrates with existing conveyer systems
  • Windows XP system software

Key Markets

  • Postal organizations
  • Courier Companies
  • E-Commerce Distributors
  • Basic Material Handling Companies
  • Magazine Publishers
  • E - Commerce Sender


System Specifications


SINGULATION MODULE: Creates consistant pitch between pieces

READER TRANSPORT UNIT: Mounting provisions for Reader Camera Section to level the mail to transport deck

SORTING RATE: Up to 6,000 parcels and flats per hour

RAMP MODULE: Elevates parcels ergonomic output level

INDEX OUTPUT MODULE: 6 outlets per module with various outlet options including sacks, bins, gondolas

Physical Mail Characteristics:

Lenght: min.100 mm / max.508 mm

Width: min.50 mm / max.432 mm

Thickness: min.2 mm / max.127 mm

Weight: min.0.023 kg / max.7.27 kg

Power Requirements:

Voltage: 220 - 380 V

Frequency: 50 Hz

Operation environment


RELATIVE HUMIDITY: Up to 95% non-condensing

FLOOR LOADING: 2.3 kg/cm²

Noise level: < 75 dBA

No direct sun exposure

MATRIX Vollbild

Multiple output options including tubs, sacks, gondolas and gaylords.


Various package types including boxes, flats and poly wraped products plus more.

Einfache Wartung

Ease of maintenance, Extensive diagnostics.