Document sorting

Health insurance receipts - fast, secure, confidential

Our exclusive document software PRO-RECEIPT is successfully used in sensitive and strictly confidential areas of our customers' business for the exact recording and sorting of health insurance documents.

The precise recording and processing of receipts by PRO-RECEIPT makes it possible to invoice them digitally. Each document is marked with a 2D barcode (readability >99.99% verified). By recording the front and back sides and marking them with a 2D barcode, each individual receipt can be found thanks to PRO-RECEIPT. This application is designed for maximum quality requirements that go far beyond the needs of letter sorting




  • Sorting of up to 60'000 documents/h with only one system
  • Highly sensitive detection of double prints, even if the sorted material is stuck
  • Reduction of jam through optimized document guidance
  • Precise stacking through unique ConveyTillStop© tray design
  • Designed for processing up to 500 million documents per year
  • Colour filtered images with up to 300 DPI from the front and back of the documents
  • Printing of receipts with text, 1D and 2D barcodes and dynamic logos
  • OCR reading of the entire document
  • Sequence sorting down to the individual document using the perfect SequenceSorting© algorithm


PRO-RECEIPT for the area of (cash register) document sorting is successfully used by numerous well-known and renowned service providers in this industry.