Outgoing mail sorting

Free choice of delivery partner - all interfaces possible

With its CARRIER software, PROLISTIC offers an ideal solution for sorting outgoing mail. When sorting outgoing mail for national and international postal service providers, the main benefit lies in obtaining discounts by consolidating or feeding in private mail services or both. 

Our software CARRIER offers you the possibility to capture and pre-sort letters freely selectable for different postal services, e.g. DPAG (BZA/BZE), POSTCON, mailalliance (network), P2 (network), La Poste (courrier industriel), Poste Italiane etc. This gives you the convenient opportunity to select the optimal delivery partners on a region-based and daily basis. The storage of shipment data also enables unique track & trace solutions. This allows you to retrieve shipment data and images for each individual shipment even months later if necessary.




  • reading of postcode + location with automatic database comparison
  • Reading of barcodes with delivery information
  • Format recognition
  • Weight determination by means of thickness gauge and format recognition
  • Calibratable dynamic scale for even more accurate weight determination
  • Franking (e.g. in France) using a printer module
  • Dynamic printing of individual specifications per letter 
  • (Text,Logos,1D & 2D Barcodes) up to 600 DPI
  • Imprint of individual logos
  • Labelling by means of label applicator
  • Interfaces to all common postal service providers (including DPAG, POSTCON, mailalliance, P2, etc.)
  • Interfaces to all common ERP systems
  • (e.g. CodX, PROMAIL, OLIS, SUSE, NETSORT, etc.)
  • Interfaces with individual specifications (in-house systems)
  • Labelling of postal containers according to the specifications of the postal service providers


CARRIER for outgoing mail is successfully used by numerous well-known and renowned large companies.