Omega / SP Atlas

Efficient solution for small and medium quantities

The ATLAS sorting system is an efficient and cost-effective mail system. It is a STRAIGHT-PASS-SORTER (straight ahead and without curves) and can be used precisely in the performance segments of standard, compact and large letters up to a letter thickness of 12mm in mixed mail processes. Furthermore, the ATLAS system is space-saving and easy to operate. With a speed of up to 24,000 items per hour, the ATLAS system is ideal for entering the world of data acquisition and sorting technology.

Atlas Small Stacker

Technical equipment options

  • Separation card module with sensor
  • Double feeds control
  • OCR camera for machines and handwriting
  • BCR camera 1D, 2D & Postnet
  • Volume measurement
  • calibratable dynamic single or double scale
  • High-performance printer (with up to 600DPI)
  • Verifier (barcode control)
  • Stacker and/or slides (direct box filling)
  • TAG-Printer (label printer for marking the boxes)
  • Combination with all PROLISTIC software packages
  • Connection to ERP systems possible (e.g. CodX, Promail, etc.)



  • Up to 24,000 standard letters / hour
  • Up to 18,000 large letters / hour
  • Up to 12mm shipment thickness
  • for mixed mail and large letters up to C4 format
  • Output into compartments and/or boxes (direct box filling)
  • One-sided control with two-sided design
  • Ergonomic shelf arrangement for optimum handling
  • High transparency
  • (Displays for machine operators and machine assistants with LIVE information)


The compactness of the ATLAS - System and by all means only operable by 1 person.
Not necessarily large, but incredibly efficient.
"Straight-pass" and therefore perfectly suitable for mixed mail up to 12mm letter thickness.


Omega Single Path


Feeder table standard capacity: 762mm
Standard stacker 406mm
Throughput Up to 30'000 letters per hour
Noise level < 72dBA



Width Minimum 90mm
  Maximum 254mm
Thickness Minimum 0.178mm
  Maximum 12mm
Length Minimum 100mm
  Maximum 292mm standard stacker
  Maximum 330mm Grossbrieffächer
Formats      C6 - C4



Voltage 220V / 230V
Current 16Amp
Frequency 50-60Hz



Temperature 10°C to 30°C
Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
Space requirement  From 4.75 x 1.46m