The fastest and safest sorting system for mixed mail and large letters up to B4 format.

The V-SORT - high performance data acquisition and sorting system is currently the most powerful sorting system on the market for mixed mail and large letters up to B4 format. As a STRAIGHT-PASS-SORTER (straight ahead and without curves), it impresses with its smooth and reliable feeding for mixed mail and heterogeneous items.

With the achievable speeds of up to 22,000 large letters (!) per hour (30,000 standard letters per hour), the V-SORT system provides outstanding support for service providers with narrow time windows and high mail volumes.

The V-SORT high performance system meets all requirements in the mixed mail and large letter segment.



Technical equipment options

  • Separation card module with sensor
  • Double feed control
  • OCR camera with machines and handwriting
  • BCR camera 1D, 2D & Postnet
  • Volume measurement
  • calibratable dynamic single or double scale
  • High-performance printer (with up to 600DPI)
  • Verifier (barcode control)
  • Compartments and/or slides (direct box filling)
  • TAG-Printer (label printer for marking the boxes)
  • Combination with all PROLISTIC software packages
  • Connection to ERP systems possible (e.g. CodX, Promail, etc.)



  • Up to 30,000 standard letters / hour
  • Up to 22,000 large letters / hour
  • Up to 20mm shipment thickness
  • for mixed mail and large letters up to B4 format
  • Output into compartments and/or boxes (direct box filling)
  • Direct box filling with REAL filling level sensor technology
  • (There is no need to remove the material from the compartments - saving of time costs)
  • One-sided control with two-sided design
  • Ergonomic shelf arrangement for optimum handling
  • High transparency (displays for machine operators and machine assistants with LIVE information)


In addition to many highlights of the V-SORT system, the precise, reliable and low-noise direct box filling at the high speeds for mixed mail/large letters with REAL filling level display is to be emphasized.

Due to the direct box filling there is no need to remove letters from the trays. The REAL filling level display (via large displays above the system) also optimizes the routes of the system assistant. Both these features reduce further costs!




Feeder table Standard capacity: 1410mm, expandableauf 2700mm
Standard stacker Kapazität 381mm
Throughput Standard/Compact Up to 30,000 letters per hour
Throughput large letters  Up to 24,000 letters per hour
Noise level < 72dBA



Width Minimum 90mm
  Maximum 254mm
Thickness Minimum 0.178mm
  Maximum 15mm (18mm mit Rutschen)
Length Minimum 100mm
  Maximum 330mm Standardfächer
  Maximum 381mm Rutschen




415 VAC 3 Phases

Current 15 - 45 Amp per phase
Frequency 50Hz
- or-
Voltage 208 VAC 3 Phasen
Current 30 - 90 Amp per phase
Frequency 60Hz



Temperature 10°C to 30°C
Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
Space requirement From 8.10 x 2.20m