Maximum performance in minimum space

The MAXIM - high performance acquisition and sorting system is the most compact "high speed machine" on the market. With a speed of up to 50,000 items per hour, the MAXIM system can be used perfectly in the segments of consolidation, district, stop, aisle sequence sorting with narrow time windows, as well as for incoming and outgoing mail.

Individually configured, the MAXIM system is available with all the benefits, such as double feeds control, OCR/BCR high-performance camera (with handwriting reading on request), high-performance printer, calibratable double scales, etc. (Please see below for details).




  • Up to 50,000 items / hour
  • Up to 60,000 items / hour with document sorting
  • up to 6mm shipment thickness
  • Highly flexible fan options
  • 1-4 levels on top of each other / single or double sided
  • 10 - 1,000 subjects
  • One-sided control with two-sided design
  • Ergonomic shelf arrangement for optimum handling
  • High transparency
  • (Displays for machine operators and machine assistants with LIVE information)


  • Separation card module with sensor
  • Double trigger control
  • OCR camera with machines and handwriting
  • BCR camera 1D, 2D & Postnet
  • Volume measurement
  • calibratable dynamic single or double scale
  • High-performance printer (with up to 600DPI)
  • Verifier (barcode control)
  • Letter opening with opener module
  • Combination with all PROLISTIC software packages
  • Connection to ERP systems possible (e.g. CodX, Promail, etc.)


Besides many highlights of the MAXIM - System, it should be emphasized that it is possible to work with 1 to 4 levels on top of each other (left, as right). This makes the system extremely short and space-saving!


MAXIM with 40 bins = 7,30m length
The MAXIM - high performance sorting system can be extended to up to 1,000 compartments.




Feeder table Standardkapazität: 2413mm
Stacker capacity 381mm
Throughput Up to 60'000 letters per hour
Noise level < 72dBA



Width Minimum 90mm
  Maximum 162mm
Thickness Minimum 0.178mm
  Maximum 6.35mm
Length Minimum 120mm
  Maximum 292mm
Formats     C6 - C5



Voltage 415 VAC 3 phases
Current 15 - 45 Amp per phase
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage 208 VAC 3 phase
Current 30 - 90 Amp per phase
Frequency 60Hz



Temperature 10°C to 30°C
Humidity Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
Space requirement > 7.2m